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To shoot at Haimwood you must pre-book a time slot.


Only shooters who have pre-booked and paid for their chosen time slot can be on site.

As soon as you arrive at the ground, put on your face mask and sign in. Be ready to start shooting on your first stand at your appointed time slot.

All persons on the shooting ground must have appropriate safety glasses and hearing protection.

Target counters will be in place at all stands before the start of each session.

Hand sanitisers are located at each stand. Sanitise hands before handling any equipment.

There are a number of stands where targets are presented overhead. It is highly likely that pieces of broken targets will land in the vicinity of shooters. It is advisable to wear a peaked hat.

Shelter under a covered area, protect yourself!!! 

Keep to established access routes, short cuts may be dangerous, do not enter "No Entry" areas. 

Stay alert, be aware, look after yourselves and the others around you. There are notices in certain stands indicating the location of a public footpath which runs through the ground – shooters take note!


Remember – there may be other people or animals on the ground of whom you are not aware.


Take care - be prepared for the unexpected - whether people, animals or birds. Stop shooting when necessary until it is safe to start again. 

Accidents on shooting grounds are very infrequent, those which do occur, are usually connected with the clay targets or machinery. Keep clear! 

Notify staff of trap breakdown or when empty. Do not attempt to rectify a fault or reload. 

Dogs on a lead are allowed on the ground, but they will go deaf if exposed to loud bangs, even for short periods. 

Ammunition: - max weight of shot - 28 gramme; max shot size: - no 7 (2.4mm .094” diameter) 

Steel shot not allowed

No plastic, fibre wads only. 

Guns in transit between stands must be unloaded and sleeved. 

Semi-autos must have a breech safety flag or breech blocker in place. 

When removing gun from the sleeve, open the breech before it clears the sleeve. 

Only the first shooter in a squad may “see” the targets before shooting and then only from outside the stand - just the same as the following shooters who have only seen the targets from outside the stand. 

Guns may be loaded only when in a stand, pointing away from the public. 

Semi-autos must have breech blocker in place or flagged until in the stand and replaced before leaving the stand.

Show gun to safety officer before leaving stand show others that the gun is safe. After leaving the stand gun to be carried muzzle pointing up until sleeved.


Guns may be fired only from the stands. 

Shooters must not fire at or point their guns at another shooter’s target. 

Shoot only at whole clay targets. Do not shoot at bits of broken targets. 

Guns must be in sound condition and in good working order.

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